Monday, September 12, 2016

Why Sheets Used On Operation Theatre Table Is Green?

An operation theatre table plays an important role in an operation theatre. It is a table, which is used to lie down the patient on it during a surgical procedure. It is specifically designed as per surgical needs. Operation theatre table suppliers in Delhi and other big cities not only give prime importance to patients comfort but also keep attention to the fact that the surgeons should be able to have full access to the patient’s body and are at comfort while operating it. Thus there are different types of operation theatre tables available at OT Tables Supplier in Delhi and other metropolitan cities, which are designed to cater different surgical needs.
You have seen that Operation Theatre tables have a green bed sheet usually. It is a common global practice. Doctors around the world prefer green bed sheets on OT tables. This is not only a matter of choice but there are many reasons which influence this decision of green as a colour of OT table bed sheets.
  • Green colour is an obvious choice for OT table bed sheets as it gives clear visibility to the surgeons. They can clearly see the patient’s body and extent of bleeding during the surgical procedure. This helps them in finding out the exact condition of the patient.
  • Bleeding is quite common during surgical procedures. Green bed sheets help surgeons and other medical staff attending surgery to see the real extent of bleeding. If a dark is used, it will not be possible to know actually how much bleeding has occurred.
  • White colour can be used to see the actual extent of bleeding, but it may cause bleeding look gruesome and may affect some of medical staff attending surgery, psychologically. Thus using green colour for OT table bed sheets is a safer option.
  • Extent of bleeding may look exaggerated on a white sheet whereas surgeons can have more accurate calculation based on visibility of bleeding on green bed sheets.
  • Another important reason is that many surgical stitches come in white colour. Surgeons may get confused if white sheets are used on Operation Theatre Table, while using these stiches. These stiches are properly visible on green bed sheets.
  • Green is also used in surgical scrubs. Only medical personnel involved with surgical unit wear green, which differentiate them from other doctors, thus make it easy for medical staff to identify them.

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