Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Maintain Daily Cleaning in Operation Theatre?

Keeping Operation Theater clean including all the equipment, operation theatre bed and other accessories is of prime importance. If it is not kept clean properly, it may lead to surgical site infections to the patient. It is one most common infections acquired at hospitals. It may even lead to mortality. Thus keeping hygiene and cleanliness in operation theatres is a must. Infections may be caused by anything such as surgical equipment, doctors and other medical staff attending operation, Operation Theatre Table, instruments and tools or atmosphere of the operation theatre. Sterilization of operation theatre can curb most of surgical site infections. Formaldehyde fumigation is used to sterile operation theatre. But daily cleaning of operation theatre including OT table, surgical equipment and tools is also important as it can put infections at bay on daily basis.
Regular proper cleaning can significantly reduce chances of bacterial infections. It is important to clean OT before starting the day as well as after closing for the day.
  • Morning Cleaning rituals involve First of all cleaning of OT with a vacuum cleaner as it clears not only floors but also the whole room. Earlier brooms were used for cleaning purpose, which in fact increases spread of bacteria instead of cleaning.
  • Next step involves mopping the floor. Mopping should be done twice, first with bleaching powder and then with phenol or any disinfectant solution. Proper drying is also important. Mops should also be exposed to proper sunlight between two uses to make it free from any bacteria.
  • Cleaning of the Operation Theatre table, instruments and equipment used, door knobs and any other thing coming in close contact to patient should be cleaned with alcohol solution.
  • After closing for the day same procedure should be repeated. Floor should be cleaned with mopping with disinfectant solution.
  • Bathrooms should also be cleaned using bleaching powder or disinfectant solutions.
  • There are chances of spread of infection between two procedures also. Thus cleaning in between two procedures is also important.
  • Operation Theatre table should be cleaned with alcohol solution to keep it free from bacteria. Most of the OT Tables Supplier in Delhi, provide Operation Theatre tables that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Other surgical instruments or tools should also be cleaned with alcohol between two procedures being done in same session.
  • Any medical waste should be discarded immediately. Hospitals maintain different beans to discard different types of medical wastes separately. Thus wastes should be discarded accordingly.

By keeping operation theatre properly clean chances of keeping out surgical site infections become very high. Thus proper daily cleaning rituals should be followed in operation theatres. 

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