Friday, July 8, 2016

Operation Theatre Tables and Their Benefits

An operation theatre table is the specific table which is used to make the patient lie on it during surgery. While OT table manufacturer in Delhi or any part of the country manufacture these tables, they make it in a way so that the patient can lie comfortable while the surgeons can get full access of the patients while operating. These OT tables are ergonomically designed and the manufacturers must be aware about the purpose of the table.
Types of OT Tables
Operation theatre tables are used for different purposes. Therefore the tables are manufactured in a different way. On the basis of their functions, OT Table Manufacturer in Delhi or other metropolitans come up with 3 distinctive styles of tables. Those are-
  1. General Surgical Table-
  • Large image area
  • 360 degree rotation is possible
  • Leg section can be removed and it also provides unrestricted perineal access
  • Accommodates all patients with different weight and height
  • Can accommodate patients up to 1000 lb.

  1. Orthopedic Surgical Table-
  • Positioning patients is possible with improved safety and confidence
  • A wide range of orthopedic emergencies can be addressed including anterior approach, trauma, hip arthroplasty, arthroscopic procedures, etc.
  • Serves the best while taking precise images.

  1. Radiolucent Imaging Tables-
OT Tables Supplier in Delhi also supplies these tables to several hospitals and nursing homes.
  • With full 83” and 360 degree imaging quality, it is possible to take images from carotid to distal tibia
  • The smooth longitudinal float enables surgeons to examine the patient in detail
  • Portable to use in several rooms.

So, these are the common types of OT tables that are used in all nursing homes and hospitals during any types of surgeries.

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