Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Surrogacy is the Next Best Option for Couples Who Face Infertility Issues

There are a number of Surrogacy Treatment Center in Delhi that look to provide these services. The clinic will take up the responsibility of finding the apt surrogate and for this the commissioning parents will have to pay a fee. This amount would cover the health or medical expenses related to pregnancy of the surrogate and nothing more than that. 
In surrogacy treatment the fertilized embryos are placed in the surrogate mothers womb. For doing this they have to match the menstrual cycle of both the surrogate as well as the mother. If they are procuring the eggs from the mother she will be given hormone injections to stimulate multiple egg formation. But if there is some issue with procuring the egg or the sperm the couples can always opt for the egg donation or sperm donation program. Next the eggs are fertilized in the lab and the embryos are placed in the surrogate’s womb. Moreover the Low Cost Surrogacy in Delhi has also attracted numerous couples from abroad to also opt for this treatment here.
Surrogacy is perfectly legal in India but to ensure that there is no malpractice both parties would be required to sign a contract. After this the surrogate will have to hand over the baby once she has delivered and the commissioning parents will also be required to accept the child no matter what the circumstances be. 

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