Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Joy of Becoming Parents With the Help of the Best

My sister’s life was hell due to the absence of a child of their own. They were trying for more than 12 years to complete their wish of having a child. Their family life was on the edge. She tried to commit suicide due to the depression also. Because she came to know about her inability to produce eggs which is important for the formation of a biological child.

We contacted to Shantah Healthcare by sharing the details over the phone. They asked us to make an appointment and take the couple at their place.After repeated tests, they suggested them to avail iui treatment Delhi for the best result.Ovary is stimulated by an oral medicine and injection in some cases. Another injection is inserted after the maturation of egg to release it from body. Follicle is monitored for 5 to 6 times to check the follicle growth.

They were adamant to understand the meaning of surrogacy in the first place. They thought it as the other form of adoption which is completely untrue in nature. So, I forced them to talk to the specialist to inform the about the possible effects available for them. After several courses of treatment doctors shifted to surrogacy because of the complications due to age. Now, they are the proud parent of the girl after availing surrogacy treatment Delhi. So, you should not hesitate if you want to bring back the joy of parenthood in your life.

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