Thursday, July 17, 2014

The happiness in my life in form of my daughter

I am married for 11 years and mother of a 9 years’ old son. I and my husband wanted to have another child foe years. But our wish was not fulfilling due to my complications post delivery of my first child. After experiencing 2 miscarriages we lost hope of introducing a new child in our family. But after reading an article, we decided to get the surrogacy help to fulfil this wish of our life. My doctor suggested me to go to the Shantah Healthcare for ivf treatment in Delhi Because they are the reputed ones in surrogacy world in our country.

I learnt about the joy of availing best surrogacy clinic in Delhi due to the absence of related laws in surrogacy. No one can bar you to become a mother through surrogacy. Surrogacy is applicable to those who are unable to carry the foetus inside their womb. Dr. Anubha Singh takes care of all the different issues of the different individuals. The clinic has world class features to comply the demand of the patients. All the important documents were checked by the clinic before processing the important test. Now we are the proud parent of a 4 months old daughter Sharmila.

They have the facility to carry out blastocyst transfer for the childless couples.The embryo is cultured in the laboratory and raised in an artificial environment. Several embryos are developed after fertilisation to mark the one which can turn out to become a positive result.

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