Thursday, July 3, 2014

Becoming a Parent After Unsuccessful Tries for Years

My life was at the edge. My relationship with my in-laws and husband was at the end. Bitterness and loneliness was all over in my life. All of these due to our inability of becoming parents. We started to conceive in the natural way within the days of our marriage. But something was barring us to conceive. I thought it was my problem. My mother convinced me to test if I or my husband was unable. Both of passed the test. But still our luck was in the negative side.

Then I bumped with a news article describing the sensitivity of the childless parents. There I got the solution of having a child. I choose to become a mother through surrogacy. An hour’s of internet search guided me to the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi. I booked an appointment with Dr Singh of Shantah healthcare. After meeting with her, we started to think positively to become a mother with all the energy again. She described the process of in-vitro fertilisation. She choose a healthy mother to carry the fertilised egg of mine. The treatment was not successful at the first attempt. After repeated ivf treatment in Delhi, the surrogate mother was able to carry the embryo in her womb.

Our treatment was successful with the help of blastocyst transfer . After the fertilisation of the egg, the doctors cultured it in the laboratory for five or six days. She delivered my baby at the designated time without any complications.

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