Tuesday, July 29, 2014

IVF Centers – Full of Classy Doctors and Specialists

Still I remember those days when the couple used to mourn everyday due to the fact that they were devoid of the heavenly bliss namely child. Yes, they were very close to me, but still I couldn’t render any help to them initially and that was only because the issue they were suffering from had really no solution to me also. Although, I wished, with all my heart, for them to find a way out and bestow with the incomparable happiness in the form of a loving child!

I was really not ready for the unexpected thing! One fine morning, they came to me with a broad smile and filled my ears with such grand news that the auricular organs of mine were not prepared for it at all! I excelled with tremendous joy and couldn’t wait to know everything in detail. They stated that they came to know about the best IVF center in Delhi where all of their problems can get sorted out in a considerable period of time.

It was our fault that in spite of living in such an advanced and modern era, we were not aware of this kind of easy and reliable remedy. Apart from the IVF treatment, surrogacy treatment in Delhi http://www.shantahivf.com/surrogacy.php has also a quite good reputation and there are numerous instances where several couples believed in surrogacy and now living a happy life.

With the miraculous progress and elevation of medical science, frozen embryo transfer has also turned out to be reliable option. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Joy of Becoming Parents With the Help of the Best

My sister’s life was hell due to the absence of a child of their own. They were trying for more than 12 years to complete their wish of having a child. Their family life was on the edge. She tried to commit suicide due to the depression also. Because she came to know about her inability to produce eggs which is important for the formation of a biological child.

We contacted to Shantah Healthcare by sharing the details over the phone. They asked us to make an appointment and take the couple at their place.After repeated tests, they suggested them to avail iui treatment Delhi for the best result.Ovary is stimulated by an oral medicine and injection in some cases. Another injection is inserted after the maturation of egg to release it from body. Follicle is monitored for 5 to 6 times to check the follicle growth.

They were adamant to understand the meaning of surrogacy in the first place. They thought it as the other form of adoption which is completely untrue in nature. So, I forced them to talk to the specialist to inform the about the possible effects available for them. After several courses of treatment doctors shifted to surrogacy because of the complications due to age. Now, they are the proud parent of the girl after availing surrogacy treatment Delhi. So, you should not hesitate if you want to bring back the joy of parenthood in your life.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wear Custom Shoes and Walk Freely

Not every individual on this earth are fortunate enough to wear all types of shoes during their lifetime. Some owns flat foot. Some else has diabetic feet. They need utmost level of care to protect their feet from any danger during the walk. For this reason, several footwear companies are specifically making special shoes to avail them the option to live a happy life.

The world of custom shoes

There are custom made footwear India http://www.dabshoesclinic.com/customfootwear.php companies who has plenty of designs and options for wound care or healing process. There are huge number of people fighting silent killer diabetes during their life period. Diabetes does not make you tired easily, it affects the feet also. Diabetic people are prone to get cuts easily. The wound does not heal in their body due to the high glucose level.

It is beneficial to wear diabetic footwear to avoid unnecessary wounds.Diabetes are prone to damage the nervous system. This develops paralytic complications in the body by numbing the senses. Skin has a type of natural lubrication system. Diabetes impair this system also. Abnormal pressure is mounted on the joints, muscles, bones of the feet during walk. This disrupts this skin of the feet. Any severe wound may not go away quickly. This may lead to gangrene in that part of leg also.

If you want to purchase good quality shoes then purchase from any shoe selling place offering wound care India. They have large number of options in terms of the custom shoes to suit your demand. Buy one and walk without tension.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The happiness in my life in form of my daughter

I am married for 11 years and mother of a 9 years’ old son. I and my husband wanted to have another child foe years. But our wish was not fulfilling due to my complications post delivery of my first child. After experiencing 2 miscarriages we lost hope of introducing a new child in our family. But after reading an article, we decided to get the surrogacy help to fulfil this wish of our life. My doctor suggested me to go to the Shantah Healthcare for ivf treatment in Delhi http://www.shantahivf.com/ivf.php. Because they are the reputed ones in surrogacy world in our country.

I learnt about the joy of availing best surrogacy clinic in Delhi due to the absence of related laws in surrogacy. No one can bar you to become a mother through surrogacy. Surrogacy is applicable to those who are unable to carry the foetus inside their womb. Dr. Anubha Singh takes care of all the different issues of the different individuals. The clinic has world class features to comply the demand of the patients. All the important documents were checked by the clinic before processing the important test. Now we are the proud parent of a 4 months old daughter Sharmila.

They have the facility to carry out blastocyst transfer http://www.shantahivf.com/blastocyst-transfer.php for the childless couples.The embryo is cultured in the laboratory and raised in an artificial environment. Several embryos are developed after fertilisation to mark the one which can turn out to become a positive result.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surrogacy Treatment- An Unimpeachable Alternative to Your Help

In the last summer vacation, I went to visit my country home. I was so excited and enthralled to see the greenery and peaceful environment out there that I really became oblivion of the hustles bustles of my city. Yes, I was just living my days to the fullest until it was interrupted with an unusual occurrence. I was taking a stroll in the grassy field in a little distance from my home and I noticed one of my old acquaintances to cry loudly in front of a tree that used to be worshipped by the villagers. Then I became aware of the fact that she was suffering from some medical conditions that were preventing her from bearing a child.

Listening to her problem, the only formula that came to my mind was Surrogacy centre in Delhi. As her family was quite opulent, so this option would not be an irredeemable one. I made her understand that those days were really gone when the female partner had to go through multifarious social taunts and stigmas if the couple were unable to give birth to a biological child.

Knowing the surrogate mother cost in Delhi, they contacted one of the best clinics there and today she is blessed with an alluring baby. Now, if you are going through such problems that you can’t share with just everyone you meet, then it’s time for you to take recourse to such reliable medical treatment and bring the forgotten happiness back to your life!

Nowadays, medical tourism in Delhi http://www.bestsurrogacyinindia.com/surrogacy-program.html has also thrived a lot due to the rise of scores of medical establishments and organizations.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Becoming a Parent After Unsuccessful Tries for Years

My life was at the edge. My relationship with my in-laws and husband was at the end. Bitterness and loneliness was all over in my life. All of these due to our inability of becoming parents. We started to conceive in the natural way within the days of our marriage. But something was barring us to conceive. I thought it was my problem. My mother convinced me to test if I or my husband was unable. Both of passed the test. But still our luck was in the negative side.

Then I bumped with a news article describing the sensitivity of the childless parents. There I got the solution of having a child. I choose to become a mother through surrogacy. An hour’s of internet search guided me to the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi. I booked an appointment with Dr Singh of Shantah healthcare. After meeting with her, we started to think positively to become a mother with all the energy again. She described the process of in-vitro fertilisation. She choose a healthy mother to carry the fertilised egg of mine. The treatment was not successful at the first attempt. After repeated ivf treatment in Delhi http://www.shantahivf.com/ivf.php, the surrogate mother was able to carry the embryo in her womb.

Our treatment was successful with the help of blastocyst transfer http://www.shantahivf.com/blastocyst-transfer.php . After the fertilisation of the egg, the doctors cultured it in the laboratory for five or six days. She delivered my baby at the designated time without any complications.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Got My Motherhood With the Help of IVF

Can’t I have a child? Can’t I become a mother ever? This was the type of question occupying my mind for last 5 years. Because even after married for 7 years, we remained childless. My husband took me to the doctor to discuss the situation. After tests, doctor found some health issues related to specifically my womb. My womb was unable to carry the load of a child.

The news was unaccepted. Tears rolled down from my eyes without any stop. Then doctor disclosed the role of advanced medical procedure in our case. He said that through surrogacy and ivf procedure, I can have my biological child. He gave us the best ivf centre in Delhi to avoid further disappointments in our life. In-vitro fertilisation is when the embryo is created in the laboratory by fertilising the egg with the sperm. The egg was extracted from my body and was fertilizedwith the sperm outside my body, on the laboratory dish. As because my womb was not the safe place for the embryo, I had to take the help of the surrogate mother. Then the frozen embryo transfer http://www.shantahivf.com/frozen-embryo-transfer.php was done in the womb of the surrogate mother at the centre.

I experienced a much unknown truth at the clinic. I saw many other couples just like us were waiting to get the children. Some of them required surrogacy treatment in Delhi http://www.shantahivf.com/surrogacy.php like me. All they wanted was a child of their own. This situation built my confidence. Now, I am a happy mother of my 3 months old boy.