Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Joy of Life with the IVF Treatment

I wanted to finish my life because of the inability of having a child. I saw everyone around me is blessed and happily living with their children. Only we were the only childless couples in our friends and relatives zone. I was married for 5 years. But the happiness was still due. Then, one fine day my husband discovered the opportunity of becoming parent through ivf treatment Delhi http://www.shantahivf.com/ivf.php.

He took me to the best ivf clinic in Delhi. Shantah Healthcare and Dr Singh made it possible for many unfortunate couples like us. We tried the in-vitro fertilisation process at the first. The embryo was fertilised by the doctors and placed in my womb. But this procedure failed me to give my child. Because my husband had abnormally shaped sperms.

This made me feel lost again. I thought the opportunities are zero now. But my next visit at the clinic opened another avenue to me. Doctor suggested me to avail the ICSI treatment in Delhi http://www.shantahivf.com/icsi.php. Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection injected a single sperm directly into the egg for the job of fertilisation. This procedure is carried out in the laboratory also. This is a part of ivf treatment. After the embryo developed, it was placed in my womb. I delivered my first child after exactly 9 months. The baby is healthy and growing in the same way the other babies does. Later I advised my sister-in-law to adopt the same ivf treatment. She is pregnant for 4 months now.

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