Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Getting back a new Shoulder

I had always been a physically fit athlete and one of the best soccer players of my college.It was my pride that I had often led my college to victory. As a soccer player I had to deal with occasional injuries and pain was nothing new to me. The worst accident that I suffered in college was a shoulder fracture. I was numb with pain by the time I was brought to the hospital. I couldn’t move one inch and was immediately put on sedatives which did little help. After initial diagnosis it was discovered I had suffered slight damage to the orbital plate and more importantly a Lateral clavicle fracture which meant my shoulder was broken in pieces. Arthroplasty was the treatment suggested that involved using a hook plate to fix my shoulder back in place. By that time my right shoulder along with my right arm was completely paralyzed. Shoulder prosthesis was also suggested to completely replace my natural shoulder with an artificial one. Because of the complex fracture I suffered prosthesis was agreed upon as the best course of treatment. The injury was the worst of its type and reverse shoulder replacement was performed because of the severe damage to the rotator cuffs.  The surgery took long and immediately afterwards i felt sensation coming back to my right arm. It was stiff but not completely immovable. And the best thing was the terrible pain had lessened. With time I had to undergo therapy to learn how to best use the prosthetic. Of course I never got back to a playing field again but the prosthetic worked like a miracle nevertheless. 

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