Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Defeating Arthritis with a New Prosthetic Hip

One of the main enemies that I have fought over time is that of Arthritis. With age bone damage had robbed my father of all his powers. He suffered constant pain in his hip joint and medication and painkillers did little to ease his sufferings. Finally after years of conventional treatment and medication surgery was suggested to replace the entire hip. With no other option we agreed to the surgery which we hoped would ease my father of the pain and return proper functioning in that area. The hip replacement surgery we were told of two types the total hip replacement and the half replacement one or the bipolar prosthesis. The half one only deals with replacing the femoral head and was not an option for us given the nature of the damage to my father’s bones. We had to go for the total hip replacement which included replacement of both the femoral head and the acetubulum. An Acetabular cup was used for this purpose. A single piece cup made up of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene was cemented in the acetubulum as the replacement. Cannulated Screw was used to fix the femoral component. The surgery worked like miracle. Gone were the pains and the difficulty in movement, the prosthetic worked magnificently.  For the first time in many years he was walking and moving without wincing in pain. Of course it wasn’t like he was born again but it was a great solution to the pains of arthritis. 

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