Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bone fracture fixation is making people happy with such injuries

In terms of emergency surgery on bones, there are several guard systems or protection is needed. Orthopaedic doctors are likely to go with these scientific external systems while operating bone fractures. Some of these external guard system or tools are like plates and screws, which are inserted into fractured bone joints to make it strong enough of, hold our body.I came across such an incident that occurred with one of my friends.

Although there are several types of screws are used in bone surgery and one of them is cancellous screw. As the name suggest it is inserted for fixation of cancellous bone of human body. Regarding size,this type of screws has more deeply cut and wide spaced threads compared to others.These screw threads cut their way to bone when inserted and it is self-tapping.

In terms of bone fracture operation bone plates are also used to maintain balance in bone structure. These are basically surgical tools used mainly in healing of broken bones. These are mostly used in fractures to facial area, jaw, sockets, knee etc. As in case of my friend who had an accident and badly injured his jaw bone plates were used. This surgical treatment falls into the case of osteosynthesis.

Like the same reason mentioned above bone screws are also used to bone fracture operation. This is a special type of orthopaedic screw. These screws are used to hold plates in the fractured area of the body. My friend who operated due to accident also had screws with plates to hold the whole thing in his jaw area. He was relieved after the operation and is going strong these days.

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