Thursday, April 3, 2014

And experience at the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi

My sister has been married for five years now and the couple had been trying to have their own child since the last two years. They however failed. It was very much misfortunate on their part as the problem was with my sister. Because of some reason, on their first try, the foetus was not developing properly and she had to abort. On the second time, she had a miscarriage. The doctors had no clue what to do and suggested that surrogate motherhood might be of help.

The couple was referred to the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi that he knew of. We were first sceptical about surrogate motherhood since we were not much aware about the procedures. My sister and her husband sis not back up and decided to go forward. It is very important to completely understand what is surrogacy It is not just renting the womb of another woman, but also it is important to understand the legal matters. 

However, it was very much hassle free since a friend of my sister volunteered to be the surrogate. It was very kind on her part. The best surrogacy clinic in Delhi took care of my sister’s friend all throughout the period and even took care of her medical expenses.

The procedure of surrogacy is fairly simple, especially if someone you know is the surrogate. Also, there are cases where a completely random woman is the surrogate. However, in all cases, there are legal matters to be settled. Those are pretty hassle free and are handled by the surrogate motherhood clinic themselves.

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