Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Getting back a new Shoulder

I had always been a physically fit athlete and one of the best soccer players of my college.It was my pride that I had often led my college to victory. As a soccer player I had to deal with occasional injuries and pain was nothing new to me. The worst accident that I suffered in college was a shoulder fracture. I was numb with pain by the time I was brought to the hospital. I couldn’t move one inch and was immediately put on sedatives which did little help. After initial diagnosis it was discovered I had suffered slight damage to the orbital plate and more importantly a Lateral clavicle fracture which meant my shoulder was broken in pieces. Arthroplasty was the treatment suggested that involved using a hook plate to fix my shoulder back in place. By that time my right shoulder along with my right arm was completely paralyzed. Shoulder prosthesis was also suggested to completely replace my natural shoulder with an artificial one. Because of the complex fracture I suffered prosthesis was agreed upon as the best course of treatment. The injury was the worst of its type and reverse shoulder replacement was performed because of the severe damage to the rotator cuffs.  The surgery took long and immediately afterwards i felt sensation coming back to my right arm. It was stiff but not completely immovable. And the best thing was the terrible pain had lessened. With time I had to undergo therapy to learn how to best use the prosthetic. Of course I never got back to a playing field again but the prosthetic worked like a miracle nevertheless. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Defeating Arthritis with a New Prosthetic Hip

One of the main enemies that I have fought over time is that of Arthritis. With age bone damage had robbed my father of all his powers. He suffered constant pain in his hip joint and medication and painkillers did little to ease his sufferings. Finally after years of conventional treatment and medication surgery was suggested to replace the entire hip. With no other option we agreed to the surgery which we hoped would ease my father of the pain and return proper functioning in that area. The hip replacement surgery we were told of two types the total hip replacement and the half replacement one or the bipolar prosthesis. The half one only deals with replacing the femoral head and was not an option for us given the nature of the damage to my father’s bones. We had to go for the total hip replacement which included replacement of both the femoral head and the acetubulum. An Acetabular cup was used for this purpose. A single piece cup made up of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene was cemented in the acetubulum as the replacement. Cannulated Screw was used to fix the femoral component. The surgery worked like miracle. Gone were the pains and the difficulty in movement, the prosthetic worked magnificently.  For the first time in many years he was walking and moving without wincing in pain. Of course it wasn’t like he was born again but it was a great solution to the pains of arthritis. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

And experience at the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi

My sister has been married for five years now and the couple had been trying to have their own child since the last two years. They however failed. It was very much misfortunate on their part as the problem was with my sister. Because of some reason, on their first try, the foetus was not developing properly and she had to abort. On the second time, she had a miscarriage. The doctors had no clue what to do and suggested that surrogate motherhood might be of help.

The couple was referred to the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi that he knew of. We were first sceptical about surrogate motherhood since we were not much aware about the procedures. My sister and her husband sis not back up and decided to go forward. It is very important to completely understand what is surrogacy It is not just renting the womb of another woman, but also it is important to understand the legal matters. 

However, it was very much hassle free since a friend of my sister volunteered to be the surrogate. It was very kind on her part. The best surrogacy clinic in Delhi took care of my sister’s friend all throughout the period and even took care of her medical expenses.

The procedure of surrogacy is fairly simple, especially if someone you know is the surrogate. Also, there are cases where a completely random woman is the surrogate. However, in all cases, there are legal matters to be settled. Those are pretty hassle free and are handled by the surrogate motherhood clinic themselves.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bone fracture fixation is making people happy with such injuries

In terms of emergency surgery on bones, there are several guard systems or protection is needed. Orthopaedic doctors are likely to go with these scientific external systems while operating bone fractures. Some of these external guard system or tools are like plates and screws, which are inserted into fractured bone joints to make it strong enough of, hold our body.I came across such an incident that occurred with one of my friends.

Although there are several types of screws are used in bone surgery and one of them is cancellous screw. As the name suggest it is inserted for fixation of cancellous bone of human body. Regarding size,this type of screws has more deeply cut and wide spaced threads compared to others.These screw threads cut their way to bone when inserted and it is self-tapping.

In terms of bone fracture operation bone plates are also used to maintain balance in bone structure. These are basically surgical tools used mainly in healing of broken bones. These are mostly used in fractures to facial area, jaw, sockets, knee etc. As in case of my friend who had an accident and badly injured his jaw bone plates were used. This surgical treatment falls into the case of osteosynthesis.

Like the same reason mentioned above bone screws are also used to bone fracture operation. This is a special type of orthopaedic screw. These screws are used to hold plates in the fractured area of the body. My friend who operated due to accident also had screws with plates to hold the whole thing in his jaw area. He was relieved after the operation and is going strong these days.