Monday, March 24, 2014

Repair your injured bones with fabulous internal fixations through surgery !

The bones form the basic structural framework of our bodies. It supports our body weight and indispensable for movement. Therefore any injury or fracture to the bones should be very carefully handled for our overall well being. Any broken bone needs a strong support to get back its lost strength and functionality.

One of my uncles had a severe bike accident and his Tibia bone of the leg was very badly fractured. The orthopedic surgeon performed a very effective surgery using stainless steel plates and bone screws to fix the bone internally. He had recovered rapidly and can normally walk or run now. Thus, the use of surgical methods to internally fix the fractured bones using plates and screws has gained major popularity because of its quick healing power. Let us find out about each of these internal fixations.

Bone plates

If a bone is broken, then it can be joined back to its original shape using bone plates made up of titanium and stainless steel. These are extremely strong and durable to ensure the tight fixation of the broken bones in place without any displacement.

Cancellous screw

For the fixation of cancellous bones, a cancellous screw is used which have highly spread threads that easily get inserted in the less dense cancellous bones as in case of long bones.

With the live example of my uncle’s leg fracture recovery, there is no doubt about the fact that these screws and plates really work wonders in healing broken bones quickly and safely.

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