Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cure shoulder bone injuries with incredible surgical methods!

Nothing can be more dangerous than a shoulder injury with broken clavicle bones just as my father had suffered due to his scooter accident. He became senseless with the shock and immediately hospitalized by the localities. The orthopedic surgeon had to perform a hook plate surgery to fix the lateral clavicle bone of his right shoulder. There are holes in the plate for the locking head screws for tightened fixation.

One more shoulder bone surgery that is really incredible is the joint replacement or arthroplasty http://www.orthopedic-implants.com/arthroplasty.html of the shoulder as one of my cousin had to undergo for his shoulder joint injury in his school sports. Such surgeries are pretty common and reliable now. It involves replacement of the articular surface of the joints to give the bones a new life. It is very effective particularly to treat arthritis.

Very interestingly, such surgical methods are also capable of treating patients with injuries in the orbital plate of the frontal bone. Such injuries are very severe and can cause loss of vision, cerebro-spinal fluid leakage and various other symptoms related to the brain directly. I have heard of a very far away relative of mine going for prosthesis in the frontal bone injury that has actually repaired his frontal sinus. Isn’t that an incredible surgical miracle?

However, the shoulder prosthesis http://www.orthopedic-implants.com/shoulder-prosthesis.html operation that a very capable orthopedic surgeon had conducted for my cousin was a complete success. Now, my cousin plays lawn tennis brilliantly without a clue about his shoulder surgery.

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