Monday, March 31, 2014

Bipolar prosthesis and acetabular cup became essential for hip surgery

Few elements of hip replacement surgical treatment:

Generally orthopaedic treatment is the one which supposed to cure every bone structure and damage related problem in our body. The damage could be caused by any means such accident, due to aging process, heredity process, arthritis pain and many more. Mainly in accident cases doctors also suggest surgery to get relieve from physical damage. Though there are some risks involved in this process but still people feel optimistic about it.

One of the major orthopaedic surgical procedures is hip replacement. The entire process consists of replacement of both femoral head and acetabulum. This surgery has become a very common operation but the longevity and satisfaction among the patients are still in doubts in terms of long term relief. But it was different in the case of my colleague who undergone this surgery with following parts.

In this treatment bipolar prosthesis is used very frequently. It is the two component prosthesis which one component is fixed on one side of the joint and the other one is inserted on other side of the joint.

During the process of replacement occurred due to accidents or fracture assessment there are multiple elements that are needed. One of them is cannulated screw This type of screws is used in fixation of bone fractures. The main advantage of using this screw is this can inserted by guide wired. The diameter of guide pin is much smaller and can be reinserted for accurate placement inside bone joints to cure it.

In his hip replacement surgery acetabular cup was inserted in hip socket. In the injuredarea, the cartilage and bones are removed and this one or modular cups are placed using friction. 

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