Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Experience of a Joint Replacement Surgery

My nephew and his friend had a terrible bus accident on their way home. Both of them suffered from several injuries which included fractures too. It was lucky that they both made it alive as many passengers died on spot. They were rushed to the hospital’s emergency ward and we were informed by those who admitted them to the hospital. My nephew’s friend had a minor injury to his orbital plate along with a fractured shoulder. The ball and socket joint had multiple fractures. My nephew made it out with just broken limbs and ribs. However, the friend had a serious condition. The doctors informed us that a full recovery would not be possible without shoulder prosthesis.

The orbital plate was first taken care of by using an acrylic prosthesis. This was a very sensitive part of the body. Then, the surgeons took care of the broken bones. The joint needed to be replaced. He had to undergo a joint replacement or an arthroplasty in his right shoulder. It was a complicated surgery and it took a while since it involved removal of the fractured bones and then insertion of the implants.

When the shoulder prosthesis was inserted, a hook plate was used to hold the bone together. The hook plate is a simple metallic plate that is attached to the bone next to the ball and socket joint in the shoulder. After the Arthroplasty it took him weeks to recover from the surgery.

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