Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An experience of a Hip Replacement Surgery

My father had arthritis from a very young age. Even years before his retirement, he suffered from arthritis. He had severe back and hip pain and he had to use a stick to walk even before the age of sixty. This made the last few years of his office life really hard. Hence right after his retirement, we all decided that he should get a hip replacement surgery. Yes, it was a major surgery, but he would be relieved from the pain. The doctor told us before too that he will need a bipolar prosthesis and so we went ahead with the suggestion.

There are two types of hip replacement, the partial and the full hip replacement. The doctor holds us that my father will not need a full hip replacement. But, even a partial hip replacement needed a bipolar prosthesis. This partial hip replacement will leave more than seventy five percent of his ligaments, muscles and bones in the hip region intact. The prosthesis will be attached to his hip bone using the acetabular cup. This is basically the hip socket. The prosthesis would be attached using cannulated screws http://www.orthopedic-implants.com/cannulated-cancellous-screw.html.

As people age, the bones become more and more brittle and the lubrication between the joint reduces. This causes joint pains. The joint was replaced with prosthesis to ease the pain. After the implant, he fully recovered and has an active life even after his retirement. There were no complications or pain after that. My father started living a painless life after that.

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