Monday, March 31, 2014

Bipolar prosthesis and acetabular cup became essential for hip surgery

Few elements of hip replacement surgical treatment:

Generally orthopaedic treatment is the one which supposed to cure every bone structure and damage related problem in our body. The damage could be caused by any means such accident, due to aging process, heredity process, arthritis pain and many more. Mainly in accident cases doctors also suggest surgery to get relieve from physical damage. Though there are some risks involved in this process but still people feel optimistic about it.

One of the major orthopaedic surgical procedures is hip replacement. The entire process consists of replacement of both femoral head and acetabulum. This surgery has become a very common operation but the longevity and satisfaction among the patients are still in doubts in terms of long term relief. But it was different in the case of my colleague who undergone this surgery with following parts.

In this treatment bipolar prosthesis is used very frequently. It is the two component prosthesis which one component is fixed on one side of the joint and the other one is inserted on other side of the joint.

During the process of replacement occurred due to accidents or fracture assessment there are multiple elements that are needed. One of them is cannulated screw This type of screws is used in fixation of bone fractures. The main advantage of using this screw is this can inserted by guide wired. The diameter of guide pin is much smaller and can be reinserted for accurate placement inside bone joints to cure it.

In his hip replacement surgery acetabular cup was inserted in hip socket. In the injuredarea, the cartilage and bones are removed and this one or modular cups are placed using friction. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cure shoulder bone injuries with incredible surgical methods!

Nothing can be more dangerous than a shoulder injury with broken clavicle bones just as my father had suffered due to his scooter accident. He became senseless with the shock and immediately hospitalized by the localities. The orthopedic surgeon had to perform a hook plate surgery to fix the lateral clavicle bone of his right shoulder. There are holes in the plate for the locking head screws for tightened fixation.

One more shoulder bone surgery that is really incredible is the joint replacement or arthroplasty of the shoulder as one of my cousin had to undergo for his shoulder joint injury in his school sports. Such surgeries are pretty common and reliable now. It involves replacement of the articular surface of the joints to give the bones a new life. It is very effective particularly to treat arthritis.

Very interestingly, such surgical methods are also capable of treating patients with injuries in the orbital plate of the frontal bone. Such injuries are very severe and can cause loss of vision, cerebro-spinal fluid leakage and various other symptoms related to the brain directly. I have heard of a very far away relative of mine going for prosthesis in the frontal bone injury that has actually repaired his frontal sinus. Isn’t that an incredible surgical miracle?

However, the shoulder prosthesis operation that a very capable orthopedic surgeon had conducted for my cousin was a complete success. Now, my cousin plays lawn tennis brilliantly without a clue about his shoulder surgery.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Repair your injured bones with fabulous internal fixations through surgery !

The bones form the basic structural framework of our bodies. It supports our body weight and indispensable for movement. Therefore any injury or fracture to the bones should be very carefully handled for our overall well being. Any broken bone needs a strong support to get back its lost strength and functionality.

One of my uncles had a severe bike accident and his Tibia bone of the leg was very badly fractured. The orthopedic surgeon performed a very effective surgery using stainless steel plates and bone screws to fix the bone internally. He had recovered rapidly and can normally walk or run now. Thus, the use of surgical methods to internally fix the fractured bones using plates and screws has gained major popularity because of its quick healing power. Let us find out about each of these internal fixations.

Bone plates

If a bone is broken, then it can be joined back to its original shape using bone plates made up of titanium and stainless steel. These are extremely strong and durable to ensure the tight fixation of the broken bones in place without any displacement.

Cancellous screw

For the fixation of cancellous bones, a cancellous screw is used which have highly spread threads that easily get inserted in the less dense cancellous bones as in case of long bones.

With the live example of my uncle’s leg fracture recovery, there is no doubt about the fact that these screws and plates really work wonders in healing broken bones quickly and safely.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An experience of a Hip Replacement Surgery

My father had arthritis from a very young age. Even years before his retirement, he suffered from arthritis. He had severe back and hip pain and he had to use a stick to walk even before the age of sixty. This made the last few years of his office life really hard. Hence right after his retirement, we all decided that he should get a hip replacement surgery. Yes, it was a major surgery, but he would be relieved from the pain. The doctor told us before too that he will need a bipolar prosthesis and so we went ahead with the suggestion.

There are two types of hip replacement, the partial and the full hip replacement. The doctor holds us that my father will not need a full hip replacement. But, even a partial hip replacement needed a bipolar prosthesis. This partial hip replacement will leave more than seventy five percent of his ligaments, muscles and bones in the hip region intact. The prosthesis will be attached to his hip bone using the acetabular cup. This is basically the hip socket. The prosthesis would be attached using cannulated screws

As people age, the bones become more and more brittle and the lubrication between the joint reduces. This causes joint pains. The joint was replaced with prosthesis to ease the pain. After the implant, he fully recovered and has an active life even after his retirement. There were no complications or pain after that. My father started living a painless life after that.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Experience of a Joint Replacement Surgery

My nephew and his friend had a terrible bus accident on their way home. Both of them suffered from several injuries which included fractures too. It was lucky that they both made it alive as many passengers died on spot. They were rushed to the hospital’s emergency ward and we were informed by those who admitted them to the hospital. My nephew’s friend had a minor injury to his orbital plate along with a fractured shoulder. The ball and socket joint had multiple fractures. My nephew made it out with just broken limbs and ribs. However, the friend had a serious condition. The doctors informed us that a full recovery would not be possible without shoulder prosthesis.

The orbital plate was first taken care of by using an acrylic prosthesis. This was a very sensitive part of the body. Then, the surgeons took care of the broken bones. The joint needed to be replaced. He had to undergo a joint replacement or an arthroplasty in his right shoulder. It was a complicated surgery and it took a while since it involved removal of the fractured bones and then insertion of the implants.

When the shoulder prosthesis was inserted, a hook plate was used to hold the bone together. The hook plate is a simple metallic plate that is attached to the bone next to the ball and socket joint in the shoulder. After the Arthroplasty it took him weeks to recover from the surgery.