Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Case Study of an Orthopaedic Surgery using Implants

My brother had a serious bike accident a few months back and his femur was fractured. He was taken into the hospital’s emergency ward and was stabilized. Scans revealed that he had a severe hip injury and his femur was fractured. The doctor told us that there was two ways to approach the situation: either to get a partial hip replacement, or to heal the bone, which would take two surgeries. We did not want him to go through a partial hip replacement at an early stage, and hence we opted to get his femur fixed, which obviously would take a lot of time.

His femur was fixed with bone plates http://www.orthopedic-implants.com/bone-plates.html at both ends with bone screws. This would hold the bone on place and hence it will allow it to heal. We were told that my brother would need another surgery to get the bone plates removed once the ossein has healed. Also, as the plates are attached to the osseins using screws, it would have that permanent dent of the screws. It may heal in future as my brother is young, but that may not be a problem. What was important is that he will not have to depend on prosthesis all throughout his life.

The bone screws that were used to fix the bone plates to my brother’s right femur was known as cancellous screws. There are mainly two different types of screws that were used in orthopaedic surgery and the cancellous screw http://www.orthopedic-implants.com/cancellous-screw.html  is one of them. These plates would hold the fractured part together, and apply compressive force, allowing the ossein to heal over time.

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