Monday, February 3, 2014

Case Study of a Joint Replacement Surgery

My brother and his friend had a terrible bike accident. It is lucky that they both made it through, but were in need of medical attention. They were rushed to the hospital’s emergency ward. After scans, it was revealed that my brother’s friend has suffered from a severe shoulder injury and minor injury to his orbital plate. There were multiple fractures at the ball and socket joint. It would be very hard to fix that and full recovery was not guaranteed. However, there was another option of fixing it with shoulder prosthesis

The surgeons first took care of the damaged orbital plate with an acrylic prosthesis. This was a sensitive spot. The surgery then carried on, with the replacement of this shoulder bones. He had to undergo a joint replacement or an arthroplasty in his left shoulder. It was a complicated surgery and it took a while since it involved removal of the fractured bones and then insertion of the implants.

During the insertion of the shoulder prosthesis, a hook plate was used to hold the bone together. It is a simple metallic plate that is attached to the bone next to the ball and socket joint in the shoulder. This plate was screwed to the bone using screws. With the hook plate secured, the Arthroplasty was completed. It took him weeks to recover from the surgery. But he did not need any further surgeries. Also, he did not have any major problems after that too. 

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