Monday, February 17, 2014

A Brief Introduction to Shoulder Prosthesis

A few years back I was suffering from shoulder problems so my doctor suggested for a shoulder replacement surgery. Since I was not supposed to know about all these so before undergoing through the procedure he gave me knowledge about what shoulder prosthesis is all about. He told me that it comes under the category of Arthroplasty which literally means the formation of joint which is an operative method of orthopedic surgery performed. He explained to me the whole process and what will be done to me in order to help me to come out of my shoulder aches which I was experiencing, the dysfunctional joint exterior is restored with something better or by realigning the junction by osteotomy or some other procedure similar to it.

My shoulder replacement surgery was over within 1.5 hours. As far as the procedure prompted to me the surgeon made an incision at the front of my shoulder and then eliminated the impaired bone. Then he placed the new components to refurbish function to my shoulder junction. The incision then was shut with sutures. A few components that were used for making my surgery successful were orbital plate and hook plate.

On post surgery in order to recover fast I was suggested to follow a few instructions. First of all, was told to take some weeks off from work following the surgery. After I arrive home I was told to take help for a few weeks for getting dressed, simple house chores and bathing. 

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