Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Aspects of Bipolar Prosthesis

I went through a hip replacement surgery a year back and from my experience I can tell you that there are a lot of things which you should consider before going to a hip surgeon. There are different reasons for hip agony; your health professional can only identify the origin of your pain if and only if you are successful in telling him properly what the exact problems you face are. If you've been considering with hip pains for some time or you have endured a wound that needs medical vigilance, you will need a medical practitioner who can assist you before, during, and after surgery. 

I can tell you that bipolar prosthesis joint replacement surgeries are highly productive. These surgeries arrive with comprehensive recovery periods. Find a clinic that has the assets needed to help you address and move after your present malady. You might not always be in the need of surgery and that will be decided by your doctor. In my case it was required so I went in for a surgery. 

In my case the prosthetic surgery which I went through, three distinct components were used. All these three components are required conjointly to form a purposeful junction. The acetabular cups were fitted within the hip socket and were adhered with cement or by friction. In my case the femoral constituent was used to attachto the femur bone and then was outfitted with a ball that fits within the socket. The third component is the cannulated screw which was required for fitting or putting things together.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bone Plates - An Effective Application of Modern Technology in Orthopedic Treatments

Orthopedic surgeries serve to be an important part of the modern and sophisticated technology based medical treatments and care. However, medical treatments related to the orthopedic sciences can be hugely classified according to the diverse infections or injuries to the bones. In many cases the serious injuries severely affect the skeletal system and can only be treated and cured by advanced orthopedic treatments.

I’m going to discuss a similar experience of mine when I had to be operated upon due to the severe injury I had in my left leg lower bone. After facing a deadly accident I got it highly fractured. I had almost lost the hope of getting my leg back. However, I was not aware of the modern technologies and skills that have been implemented into the orthopedic surgeries. I had to go through a series of suggestions and facts before opting for a complete bone implant. Since, there remains a risk of severe damage due to a little bit of odd treatments, if done. 

The surgery involved a series of steps that were performed minutely by the doctors. One of the major parts of the surgery lied in the replacement of the bone by the bone plates. They are specially made up of steel alloys or titanium, providing proper support to the muscles. The bone screws are another critical part of this. These are the media for joining the plates with the bones to obtain full functionality. The placement of the cancellous screw has added the normal flexibility to my leg. Today, finally after a series of treatment processes being acted upon my leg, I’m able to lead a usual life, wiping away all my fears.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Brief Introduction to Shoulder Prosthesis

A few years back I was suffering from shoulder problems so my doctor suggested for a shoulder replacement surgery. Since I was not supposed to know about all these so before undergoing through the procedure he gave me knowledge about what shoulder prosthesis is all about. He told me that it comes under the category of Arthroplasty which literally means the formation of joint which is an operative method of orthopedic surgery performed. He explained to me the whole process and what will be done to me in order to help me to come out of my shoulder aches which I was experiencing, the dysfunctional joint exterior is restored with something better or by realigning the junction by osteotomy or some other procedure similar to it.

My shoulder replacement surgery was over within 1.5 hours. As far as the procedure prompted to me the surgeon made an incision at the front of my shoulder and then eliminated the impaired bone. Then he placed the new components to refurbish function to my shoulder junction. The incision then was shut with sutures. A few components that were used for making my surgery successful were orbital plate and hook plate.

On post surgery in order to recover fast I was suggested to follow a few instructions. First of all, was told to take some weeks off from work following the surgery. After I arrive home I was told to take help for a few weeks for getting dressed, simple house chores and bathing. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Case Study of an Orthopaedic Surgery using Implants

My brother had a serious bike accident a few months back and his femur was fractured. He was taken into the hospital’s emergency ward and was stabilized. Scans revealed that he had a severe hip injury and his femur was fractured. The doctor told us that there was two ways to approach the situation: either to get a partial hip replacement, or to heal the bone, which would take two surgeries. We did not want him to go through a partial hip replacement at an early stage, and hence we opted to get his femur fixed, which obviously would take a lot of time.

His femur was fixed with bone plates at both ends with bone screws. This would hold the bone on place and hence it will allow it to heal. We were told that my brother would need another surgery to get the bone plates removed once the ossein has healed. Also, as the plates are attached to the osseins using screws, it would have that permanent dent of the screws. It may heal in future as my brother is young, but that may not be a problem. What was important is that he will not have to depend on prosthesis all throughout his life.

The bone screws that were used to fix the bone plates to my brother’s right femur was known as cancellous screws. There are mainly two different types of screws that were used in orthopaedic surgery and the cancellous screw  is one of them. These plates would hold the fractured part together, and apply compressive force, allowing the ossein to heal over time.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Case Study of a Joint Replacement Surgery

My brother and his friend had a terrible bike accident. It is lucky that they both made it through, but were in need of medical attention. They were rushed to the hospital’s emergency ward. After scans, it was revealed that my brother’s friend has suffered from a severe shoulder injury and minor injury to his orbital plate. There were multiple fractures at the ball and socket joint. It would be very hard to fix that and full recovery was not guaranteed. However, there was another option of fixing it with shoulder prosthesis

The surgeons first took care of the damaged orbital plate with an acrylic prosthesis. This was a sensitive spot. The surgery then carried on, with the replacement of this shoulder bones. He had to undergo a joint replacement or an arthroplasty in his left shoulder. It was a complicated surgery and it took a while since it involved removal of the fractured bones and then insertion of the implants.

During the insertion of the shoulder prosthesis, a hook plate was used to hold the bone together. It is a simple metallic plate that is attached to the bone next to the ball and socket joint in the shoulder. This plate was screwed to the bone using screws. With the hook plate secured, the Arthroplasty was completed. It took him weeks to recover from the surgery. But he did not need any further surgeries. Also, he did not have any major problems after that too.