Thursday, January 9, 2014

Experience at a Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi

A few years back after my nephew got married, the young couple came to know some time later they could not have their own biological child. After two consecutive miscarriages, they realized that my nephew’s wife could not carry pregnancy. In such cases, most fertility treatments do not help. When the young couple talked about their trouble with the family members, all of us realized that there were two ways out of this, adoption, or surrogacy. The doctor referred them one of the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi.

Initially, we were worried about finding a substitute, but however, the health center helped us by finding a healthy and hygienic replacement for the couple. We thought that surrogate mother cost in India would be sky-high, but that was not the case here. The family was happy that they were getting their treatment at a good surrogacy clinic Delhi.

After all the arrangements were made, the surrogacy clinic Delhi took care of all the legal matters themselves. The couple also talked to the surrogate mother, all the documentations between the young couple and the surrogate was taken care of by the health center. Also, unlike other clinics, the surrogate mother cost in India was reasonable here.

The professional doctors of this surrogacy clinic in Delhi performed the embryo transfer. The health center has a separate wing that took care of all the surrogate mother all along the duration of the surrogacy. All the medications, ultrasonography and related routine check-up costs were handled by them. At the end of it all, a healthy baby was delivered to the young couple.

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