Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Case Study of a Hip Replacement Surgery

My grandmother used to complain a lot about her arthritis, especially after her retirement. The doctor told us that such ailments have no cure, but only treatments. Here was always a joint replacement surgery that could be done at we were a bit sceptical about how much she could handle it at this age, and moreover whether it will be effective or not in the first place. The doctor told us that patient satisfaction varies and there are side effects too, but however, things looked promising.

Months after taking the suggestion, my grandmother was ready for a bipolar prosthesis. She fell down and had a suffered from a minor crack.At herage, for it to heal; she would have needed cannulated screws to fix that. Insertion and removal of cannulated screw http://www.orthopedic-implants.com/cannulated-cancellous-screw.html  needed multiple surgeries.

The doctor told us that she would not need a full hip replacement. The surgery will leave more than seventy five percent of her ligaments, muscles and bones in the hip region intact. The bipolar prosthesis would be attached to the hip bone with an acetabular cup. This is basically the hip socket.

The fact is, that with age, the softness of the bones go away and there is lack of lubrication in the joints. This causes joint pains, the one from which my grandmother was suffering. This ease the pain, the joint is replaced with prosthesis. The acetabular cup is the socket that replaced the socket in her hip bone. After the implant, she fully recovered and does not complain any more about pain either.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Experience with Wound Care India

My sister had flat feet. Many people I know have level foot but a few I know have severe cases like my sister. We consulted a doctor; we were aware that nothing about the feet can be fixed. However, we were looking for the best wound care, India and we tumbled across this site. We all knew the problems that come along with flat feet, even if they seem minor, they might be severe at times. Often she had pain, in spite of using flat feet shoes. Also, not all custom made footwear were up to the mark, they did not look good either.

This site looked promising about their wound care, India products and hence we wanted to give a shot. I asked my sister to order a pair of custom made footwear online and see how it turns up to be. The communication from the website was prompt. She had to fill in some information regarding her foot and within a couple of weeks she had her shoes delivered to her place. She always hated the shoes that were available in the market for level foot. However, she liked the pair that she ordered. Also, the company got the shoes designed the way she wanted it to be. She finally got the flat foot shoes that she has been waiting for.

These shoes do not cure flat foot. However, they work better than most shoes available in the market when it comes to the solving the problems of flat foot.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Experience of an Orthopaedic Surgery Involving Implants

My brother-in-law was heavily injured in a bus accident last year. With critical condition, he was rushed to the hospital by emergency services and we came to know this from the call of the hospital. The hospital performed preliminary tests and confirmed that he had multiple fractures. The fracture was severe and hence it needed grafts. The doctor said that metal plates were to be embedded so fix the bones.

We were explained that the implants that would be needed included Angled Blade Plates, Condylar Buttress Plate, Emergency Screw, and Modular Bipolar hip prosthesis. The Angled Blade Plates would be needed to fix his broken femur. The doctor explained to us that this implant will compress the fracture site, enabling the fracture to heal properly. Since he had major fracture, we knew that these implants were the only way to save him.

Angled Blade Plates
Also, he needed a Modular Bipolar http://www.orthopedic-implants.com/modular-bipolar.html hip prosthesis. In a nutshell, he needed a hip replacement surgery. Also, the Condylar Buttress Plate was used on his other leg to fix the fractures. These implants were fixed to the bones using screws. Also, in his case, to fix the implants, Emergency Screws were needed. As the doctors’ told us, the screws were a bit thicker than the conventional screws used in several surgeries. This is because, the conventional screws might be a bit loose in such complicated cases and hence these screws were used.

The accident was a major one that fortunately he recovered from that. It took him months to fully recover, but however, these implants saved his life.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Experience at a Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi

A few years back after my nephew got married, the young couple came to know some time later they could not have their own biological child. After two consecutive miscarriages, they realized that my nephew’s wife could not carry pregnancy. In such cases, most fertility treatments do not help. When the young couple talked about their trouble with the family members, all of us realized that there were two ways out of this, adoption, or surrogacy. The doctor referred them one of the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi.

Initially, we were worried about finding a substitute, but however, the health center helped us by finding a healthy and hygienic replacement for the couple. We thought that surrogate mother cost in India would be sky-high, but that was not the case here. The family was happy that they were getting their treatment at a good surrogacy clinic Delhi.

After all the arrangements were made, the surrogacy clinic Delhi took care of all the legal matters themselves. The couple also talked to the surrogate mother, all the documentations between the young couple and the surrogate was taken care of by the health center. Also, unlike other clinics, the surrogate mother cost in India was reasonable here.

The professional doctors of this surrogacy clinic in Delhi performed the embryo transfer. The health center has a separate wing that took care of all the surrogate mother all along the duration of the surrogacy. All the medications, ultrasonography and related routine check-up costs were handled by them. At the end of it all, a healthy baby was delivered to the young couple.

Best Wound Care India

My sister-in-law has flat feet and for long she had trouble walking in ordinary footwear. Whenever, during family outings, there was a scene of walking, she would fall behind. She consulted the doctor many times, who suggested custom made footwear. However, that footwear was not up to the mark and was definitely expensive.

I also did some research online about flat foot shoes and I came up with one of the best site. The site seemed promising about their products and technology. Such wound care India is not very popular as people with flat feet either has to adjust slowly or those with more severe cases have to suffer.

Wound care india shoes from local retailers were not up to the mark. But however, I talked to my brother about this footwear and how their new technology works better in with people having flat feet. Another great thing about this clinic was that they provided custom made footwear which is exactly what my in-law needed.
After the clinic was contacted, they contacted us back for more details regarding the medical shoes. Of course, it is not a normal pair of shoes and hence it needed more attention. The custom made flat foot shoes were reasonably priced and it was aesthetically pleasing too.

Within a week, we got the footwear delivered and it perfectly fitted its users. She is using these shoes for over two months now and there are no complains. Also, her walking speed has increased considerably and she also has reduced pain in her feet.