Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wound Care India has the best range of Diabetic Footwear and CTEV Shoes

For the diabetics, especially those with simultaneous foot diseases, finding the right kind of footwear become a daunting task. But not anymore with the help of Wound Care India that offers a wide range of therapeutic shoes to relieve from such deformities.

The diabetic footwear reduces the risk of skin breakdown or the severe pain suffered by these people. It not only prevents but also comforts the feet without causing any irritation. Wound Care India offers a variety of such footwear which is extremely light in weight, breathable as well as totally comfortable to keep the feet fresh for whole day.

Even for the swollen feet, diabetic footwear are a great comfort as they are provided with Velcro for better adjustment for swollen part and are padded with fabric that gives extra comfort. The weight bearing insoles of these shoes are designed to reduce the ulcers in the feet to maintain the normal and active walking of the diabetics.

Similarly, club foot or CTEV which is  a congenital deformity leading to rotation of foot internally at the point of ankle, can also be treated with the help of CTEV shoes available in varied sizes and forms fit for individual feet. 

The CTEV shoes are attached with a Dennis Browne Bar which is available for different types of foot abduction to keep the feet in required position. They also have heel counter bumper for prevention of feet from slipping out of shoes. As these shoes are required to be worn for long hours, they are also made extra comfortable.

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