Saturday, October 19, 2013

How my mother recovered from her severe injuries with the help of Orthopedic Implants

Last month, when I was in the hospital sitting besides by mother’s bed, I was forced to think about some miraculous orthopedic devices.

Needless to say, medical science has gone so far that it can enable an injured person to get back to life, even after severe injuries. I would like to share my experience about the same especially four major orthopedic implants that were implanted in my mother’s body after her accident.

I will start with the Esmarch Rubber bandage used by the doctors to constrict the severe blood flow oozing out from my mother’s body. It really acted as a primary first-aid. Another orthopedic device that requires a mention is Emergency screw. This bone screw (thread diameter of 3.2 mm) was used in my mother’s damaged bone area of
legs and it relieved her of the soft tissue irritation problem. Due to her severe hip injury, orthopedic surgeon had to install modular bipolar heads too so that she could move her body. What an amazing device!  Condylar Buttress Plate was another orthopedic implant that was implanted to help my mother recover from her C3 type fractures.

Had these devices not been there what would have happened to my mother? What would have helped her recover from her fractures and injuries?  But thanks to all the orthopedic equipments that made it possible!

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