Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Procedure of Surrogacy Simplified

The very first question that needs to be addressed is –What is Surrogacy? The process involves a lady carrying and giving birth to a child for another lady or a couple. It is a form of contract in which the intended parent(s) reimburse the surrogate mother for her act of renting her womb. The procedure is as safe as any normal pregnancy. There are many agencies and infertility clinics which assist in providing surrogate mothers.

Procedure of Surrogacy has the following steps-

•    Placing a request for a surrogate mother and ART treatment with an agency or IVF clinic
•    The agency screens a healthy woman for your purpose. The agencies also maintain a data base for you chose from.
•    The legal documentation is carried out by the agency  for the protection of the surrogate and intended parents
•     The IVF procedure carried out by the doctors.
•    The agency takes care of the needs and medical requirements of the surrogate mother
•    A successful delivery and you have your baby in your arms.

The compensation for a surrogate in India

Medical Tourism has been on rise in India owing to the fact that the surrogate mother cost in India is very low as compared to other countries.  Usually the whole treatment costs around $20,000. The women who are experienced surrogates may cost a bit higher. Though you can arrange for a surrogate through your own network of friends and relatives, the agencies help to deal with complex medical as well as legal issues.

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